So you’ve just bought your EPOS System, what happens now?

Ideal Checklist ? EPOS purchased, paperwork signed and hardware installed- a stress free future ahead?

Hold on right there, the mix of installation and training are crucial to any business and with EPOS even more so.

If you wish to live a carefree life without stress and worry around EPOS, then our 21-day trial is a great way to start. Our installation is award winning with staff training from new user-to expert possible in a mere 15 minutes.


Our award-winning separate retail and hospitality systems are proven from a single system to hundreds, with a great satisfaction rating with our customers. The system can be accessed from anywhere to monitor and report in real time. Use standalone, or connect to applications including payment systems (SAGEPAY, WORLDPAY), online ordering platforms (MAGENTO, WORDPRESS), CRM and accounting systems (SAGE LINE 50, 100) and many, many more.

You?ll be guided through our installation process at a pace that works for you. Our team of specialists will work with you until your restaurant is set up properly, and not a minute before. From getting the most ideal WIFI signal throughout your venue, to tips and tricks on where to place your hardware, you will begin your EPOS journey confident that everything is configured to perfection.


EPOS may seem similar to the typical tablet/iPod systems and although training times are similar to the aforementioned devices, the overall process is one that will be hugely beneficial. Both remote and onsite training are available with the use of award winning software which can be customised to the industry specific.

If you invest a lot of time and money in the hopes of seeing your restaurant succeed, don?t let it go to waste by skimping on necessary installation and training. In the long run, the devotion to getting an EPOS efficiently installed and in perfect working order will prove to be one of the best decisions you?ll ever make.